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Neenah Coldenhove EXOSTENCIL® Screen Prep Paper for Laser Printers

EXOSTENCIL® Screen Prep Paper is a revolutionary, environmentally friendly, “Chemical Free” way to make and reclaim mesh screens for screen printing. This simple, two-step process eliminates the need for silk screen emulsion, darkrooms and emulsion remover, allowing you to get into production in just minutes. This self weeding laser transfer paper for manufacturing screens is appropriate for mesh counts from 85 – 230.

EXOSTENCIL Screen Paper runs through a vast array of monochrome and color laser printers and copiers.  Neenah laser transfer paper is approved for use with OKI® Digital Transfer Printers and HP® INDIGO 7000-1000 series printers. EXOSTENCIL Prep Paper should be used with a commercial press for weeding and application to mesh screens. Condé recommends a Geo Knight swing away heat press.

Neenah Performance Materials, including Neenah EXOSTENCIL® Screen Prep Paper, are manufactured in the United States, where Neenah Paper Company controls the process "from Tree to Tee". 


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