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Neenah IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark Transfer Paper

IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark Digital Transfer Paper produces self-weeding, vibrant and wash-durable laser printed transfers on dark and bright colored cotton, cotton/poly blends and 100% poly fabrics. The product can be used to apply JUST the image (no background polymer)! The product runs through a vast array of fuser oil and oil-less laser printers and copiers and is approved by OKI for use with their printers. This product is compatible with INDIGO 7000-1000 series of printers. The product is to be applied only with a commercial press.

IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark is compatible with oil or oil-less laser color copiers or color laser printers and works well on cotton and 50-50 blend fabrics. There is no need to trim the paper. IMAGE CLIP® Laser Dark Heat Transfer Paper is self-weeding and leaves no background plastic polymer. Recommended for applying Clip Art, Line Art or Vector Art graphics. Not recommended for Bitmap or Photographic output. Choose fabrics that have a tight weave.

WARNING: Do not feed the transfer sheet (gold grid) through your color laser copier or color laser printer!