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OKI C711wt White Toner Color Laser Printer

The OKI C711wt is a letter-size color laser printer that uses a WHITE toner cartridge and is compatible with both standard and self-weeding textile transfer papers. Create graphics with both color and white that can apply to cotton and cotton-poly blend fabrics of any color! The OKI 711WT provides cost-effective fabric transfer production without the constant maintenance associated with direct-to-garment or silk screening systems.

A printer with high-quality color - including white - for textile transfers in a compact design and affordable price, the OKI C711wt represents the future of digital decoration.

Printer Includes:

Starter Toner Cartridges
Full Capacity Image Drums
Transfer Belt and Fuser Assembly
PC / MAC Drivers and Operation Manual (CD-ROM)

Printer Cable is not included.


There are 11 components in this system.

62439301 - OKI C711WT White Toner Digital Transfer Printer

44318603 - OKI C711WT Toner Cartridge - Cyan

44318602 - OKI C711WT Toner Cartridge - Magenta

44318601 - OKI C711WT Toner Cartridge - Yellow

44318661 - OKI C711WT Toner Cartridge - White

44318503 - OKI C711WT Image Drum - Cyan

44318502 - OKI C711WT Image Drum - Magenta

44318501 - OKI C711WT Image Drum - Yellow

44318531 - OKI C711WT Image Drum - White

442890101 - OKI C711WT Fuser Unit

44341901 - OKI C711WT Transfer Belt

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