Conde Systems is doing it again!

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It’s time to show off your creativity! Participate in our Hanging Mural Contest! Show off your design and see what others are doing with the exciting new Wavy Tile Murals. You guys and gals who took part in the Flip Flop Contest did such an awesome job, we just had to go and do it again. For inspiration, we have anteed up another Apple 16GB iPad for the 1st place winner; 2nd place prize a $200 account credit; 3rd place prize a $100 account credit. To support contestants I have just uploaded all our mural templates for these fun new products. Last, I offer some product perceptiveness and brainstorming ideas to get you going.

Time is money…

You might be thinking, “How do I create a way to use my image in a mural? Where do I begin?” Well, you asked and we answer. Like with all Conde templates, videos, etc…, our goal in support is to create and execute ways that make your job easy and help clients become more productive. Having already created the mural templates in both CorelDraw and Photoshop I have eliminated a lot of the work. Our templates provide the ability to power clip your selected image into the template, print and go. It’s just that easy!

How the product works…

We have already provided instructions for how to sublimate onto the tiles in the “Sublimation Instruction” cookbook on PartnerNet. For those who prefer to watch Britney guide you through our product sublimation process step-by-step, you will find the video for sublimating onto wavy tile murals already online. The assembly of the mural is quick and easy. It includes the rod, “C” rings (no crimping required) and ready to hang tiles in a verity of lengths and widths, (2 across, 3 across, and 4 across. The length is optional.). If it’s the design you concerned with, then call or shoot us an email, we have lots of ideas for that too.

We can’t wait to see our clients at work with their ideas and designs. We get excited about helping to get you motivated with our sublimation products. Like I said before, by using the product templates and instructional videos “we have eliminated a lot of the work”. No excuses… grab your best design ideas and let’s get started on winning a prize! It’s a win win!

In addition, you will find other awesome videos for sublimation and heat transfer by the support team at Conde by visiting Conde TV, Conde Facebook Page and Conde Twitter. Look for more upcoming videos and informative blog entries to be added for successful sublimation and maintaining your Conde DyeSub System. If there is something that you think would be better said in an instructional video or blog posting, then we look forward to hearing your ideas.

Thanks, Conde Systems Inc. Senior Support Technician, 1-800-826-6332 Vicky Waldrop