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RICOH Ri 100 Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printer

Your Custom Garment Printing Business Begins Here!

The RICOH Ri 100 system revolutionizes the world of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing! Named a CES 2018 Innovation Award Honoree, the Ri 100 is the most affordable, easy to use, and portable DTG printer on the market. 


The RICOH Ri 100 is a compact Direct to Garment (DTG) printer that empowers you to quickly and easily print high-quality graphics and images directly to white and light-colored fabrics. No transfer paper, pretreating, cutting, or weeding is required. The RICOH Ri 100 prints simply and safely at up to 1200 dpi image resolution with industry standard-setting print heads and modular drop-size technology.


Additionally, the RICOH Ri 100 can be bundled with the RICOH Rh 100 Garment Curing Unit.  This intuitive heating system removes wrinkles from fabric, creating a smooth surface for printing. The RICOH Rh 100 also cures the ink after printing, helping to fix the design in place for a wash durable print. The RICOH Rh 100 unit was designed with simplicity and safety in mind, helping those new to DTG printing easily produce cost-effective one-off and short run prints to help supply meet demand.


The Ri 100 is the perfect first step to launch your custom T-shirt printing business.  No prior experience is necessary to create beautifully printed products safely and easily, in-house or on the go!

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