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Sublimation Blank Clipboards by Unisub

Unisub sublimation clipboards are all dry eraseable and easy to sublimate. Whether you are making teacher clipboards, coaches clipboards, or just monogram clipboards, these products are sure to please. In sports, custom basketball clipboards are generally given as sports coach gifts thanking them for all they do. In the corporate world, custom clipboards are used as ad specialty products showing logos and customers use them for inventory checking off purposes. Personalized clipboards are also given to a company staff member showing achievement and recognition. In schools, custom clipboards for teachers are tools for learning and teacher appreciation gifts.

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Unisub Sublimation Blank Aluminum Clipboard - 2-Sided - Flat Clip

Unisub Sublimation Blank Aluminum Clipboard - 2-Sided - Flat Clip

Item #: U9582

Dimensions: 9" x 12.5" x .045"

Finish: Gloss

Aluminum Clipboard by Unisub® - White Gloss Aluminum, 9" x 12.5" x .045", 2-sided with flat clip. Ships with snap rivets that assemble using a hammer and drill bit punch. Custom sublimation clipboards with dry erase surfaces allow your clients an indispensable yet inexpensive coaching aid. Also a great item for teachers or workpl ... continue reading

Wholesale Pricing

$ 15.48 - 1 to 24

$ 14.71 - 25 to 74

$ 14.32 - 75 to 124

$ 13.93 - 125 and up

AL Multiple: 1

CA Multiple: 1

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