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Name tags are an essential element of businesses that are in the service industry or any that deal with clients face to face. Having a work name tag makes employees seem more approachable, friendly, and welcoming. Customers may feel more comfortable approaching a staff member when they are wearing a name tag. Custom name badges can display the employee’s name, their department, and/or their job title.

Work name badges with the company logo help promote a consistent image for branding. A full-color logo name tag clears up any confusion as everyone will know for certain who employees work for. It sends a clear message while providing a professional look. Wearing name tags helps build a corporate identity. They also help employees and customers interact better with each other. In any retail establishment (grocery store, boutique, department store, etc.), there are significant benefits to wearing name tags.

Choose what level employee has the best level of name tag - bosses can have golden metal tags with magnetic bars to keep clothing safe from pins. Need throw away badges for an event? Use thin metal or FRP plastic and pinbacks. Offer the complete line to your client base.

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