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Shoulder Bags for Sublimation Imprinting

Amaze your customers when you show them how you can put their full-color image onto one of our shoulder bags for sublimation imprinting! Good for themed purses, custom makeup bags, or laptop bags. Whatever the custom design may be, you can't go wrong with this unique line of bags! Stylish, yet economical.

Ladies will love these bags with interchangeable, removable, sublimatable panel inserts (flaps). The removable, sublimatable panels are a clever upselling opportunity: Order extra panels to offer your customers a second or third design option! They will keep coming back for more to accommodate the different seasons and their mood. Sell them with the purse in sets of seven, one for every day of the week!

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DyeTrans Sublimation Blank Large Shoulder Bag - Spare Flap

DyeTrans Sublimation Blank Large Shoulder Bag - Spare Flap

Item #: 8008-FLAP

Dimensions: 12 9/16" x 12 1/8

Spare Flap for 8008 Shoulder Bag (sold separately), White Flap; Imaging Area HXW: 12 9/16” x 9 7/8”. Order a lot of these, ladies will want the original purse and lots of personalized flaps to change with their mood. Removable panels allow images to be quickly and securely changed in minutes. Image flaps with day scenes and ni ... continue reading

Wholesale Pricing

$ 5.15 - 1 to 16

$ 4.89 - 17 to 33

$ 4.83 - 34 to 67

$ 4.77 - 68 and up

AL Multiple: 1

CA Multiple: 1

DyeTrans Sublimation Blank Shoulder Strap - Spare

DyeTrans Sublimation Blank Shoulder Strap - Spare

Item #: MP037

Dimensions: 4.5" x 1.5"

DyeTrans® Spare Shoulder Strap with puffy neoprene sublimation pad. Sublimatable Spare Shoulder Strap fits the DyeTrans® 14" Neoprene Laptop Shoulder Bag (MP034, sold separately). Extends to 4.5" x 1.5". Sublimation area: 8" x 3". Will also work with any bag or duffle that has receptive rings. Great way to spruce up that old pur ... continue reading

Wholesale Pricing

$ 3.80 - 1 to 5

$ 3.50 - 6 to 9

$ 3.45 - 10 to 24

$ 3.40 - 25 and up

AL Multiple: 1

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