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Dog Tags for Personalization

Create high-quality personalized custom dog tags for military, medical, equipment, teams, pets, and people. Identification has been worn around the neck since before necks were even a thing. So it seemed only natural to offer a diverse selection for people from all different walks of life.

A dog tag is a classic gift for the special person in your life for any occasion. Once you personalize any of our wide variety of customized dog tags, you will have created the perfect custom jewelry gift to sell for any occasion - birthdays, Valentine's Day, annversaries, weddings or other holidays. You clients will want to be hip and trendy with personalized dog tags. These dog tag chains make a great gift idea for holiday giveaways and other events.

A personalized dog tag is a solid choice for a unique, pendant-style necklace that contains important medical information. Include any allergies, medical conditions, and emergency contacts on the custom necklace to ensure the wearer will receive proper care if they ever need urgent medical attention.

Our tags are so good at resisting fade, rust, and corrosion, that it is can be used in marine environments. At the same time, they are safe to use for medical alert purposes. Our dogtags will not fade, change color, or leave stains on clothing. They don’t even require any maintenance to keep looking new.

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Black Rubber Dog Tag Silencers - 50 Pack - Fits Most Dog Tags

Black Rubber Dog Tag Silencers - 50 Pack - Fits Most Dog Tags

Item #: 9911

Dimensions: Fits All Conde Tags

Dog Tag Silencers, Black, Rubber, Pack of 50. Silencers are the rubber edge guards that are placed around each dog tag in order to keep them from ringing against each other when dangling from a chain. Though they are circular, they fit all of our dog tags, no special tools are needed. These silencers fit regular sized dogtags, DT0 ... continue reading

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