CorelDRAW Basics – Setting a Page Size

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By Steve Spence   This is one in a series of blogs (and videos) about learning the very basics in CorelDRAW: So often, we use a program every day and think we know about it but then learn something brand new – some little trick that makes our task easier – or – for newcomers to Corel, these basics are essential to learning the program and avoiding the frustrations that can with it.   Selecting a working page is easy enough. Click on the icon in the upper left hand corner (New) and you will get a letter sized working space. But what if you want some other size? Well, the drop down menu offers a lot of sizes that are pre-loaded in Corel but in sublimation, we sometimes like to use specially cut sizes for special objects such as coffee cups.   For this, we will need to create a custom page by typing in the desired numbers in the appropriate spaces in the lower toolbar or “status bar” and that’s fine. But doing it this way means it has to be repeated each time we want to use that size paper.   To save the page as a size we can call up over and over, we need to click on “Tools – Options – Page Size”. We can then type in the desired paper size and name it by clicking on the center icon (save) and assign it a name. After clicking “OK” twice, we can now call up that size page any time we want.   It is also nice to be able to work with multiple pages, like a book of files. We can easily have as many pages as we want just by adding pages by clicking on the + sign at the lower left of the page. Be sure to tell the program you want all the pages in your “book” to be the same size by selecting the “Same” icon on the lower status bar just above the drawing area. Otherwise, the added pages will all be letter size and will have to be changed one by one.   For more detailed information, visit CondeTV and click here for the video called, “The Basics: Selecting a Page Size”.