Galaxy Phone Secret Revealed - Dye Sublimation Business Tips

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By Steve Spence Have you noticed that covers for the latest Samsung Galaxy phones have been slow coming? Conde has released their sublimatable cover for the S5 after a long wait   The reason? The Galaxy design is such that you can’t put a piece of metal on the back of the phone. The antenna design won’t let its signal pass through metal!   This has presented quite a problem for sublimation designers since we don’t have a thin material that isn’t metal – at least not one that works very well. Companies have experimented with a number of materials trying to get around this issue but without much luck.   Conde however has been very successful in not only solving this problem but have developed an entirely NEW product for the marketplace to boot. It is a THIN plastic that sublimates like metal. Being a form of plastic (no PVC), it can be laser cut which makes it an inexpensive solution for the current Galaxy phone problem (and future ones as well) but it also means that those who own laser engravers, have a totally new product they can not only sublimate, but cut on their laser as well!   This affords us the ability to make virtually any shape we want and then sublimate it. This should be a boom for the promotional products people who need thin materials and may not want or need to imprint hundreds of products with the same logo. They (we) can now offer promotional products with full-color imprints in ANY quantity and even personalize them – something currently not available.   These Galaxy phones are going to continue to be popular, even with the influx of new phones like the iPhone 6 and the Amazon Fire phone. With the heavy endorsement of groups like Consumer Reports who give these phones such high ratings, they are sure to sell very well and that means it is important that we can offer covers for them. Conde has made that possible.