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Product Instructions

Pinch Books


PNB46K, PNB8511K




20 seconds - Light to Medium Pressure

Press Time

60 -105 seconds


Medium to Heavy

Additional Items


Recommended Paper

DyeTrans or TexPrint


PNB46K.....................60 seconds press time
PNB8511K................1 minute 45 seconds

1) Place a sheet of protective paper on your press.

2) Lightly mist the transfer with Pro Spray

3) Position the cover you wish to imprint so the rest of the book hangs off the side of the press, with the imprintable side up and the place the image face down.

4) Place a protective sheet of paper on top.

5) Press using time and pressure above.

Note: If book should “bow” out as it cools, simply place it back in the press the opposite side up with protective paper on top and bottom and press it for 10 seconds. Hold it flat to a cool table as it cools and it should be corrected.

Updated: May 15, 2017