New On-Line Catalog for Dye Sublimation Products

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By Steve Spence Have you seen it? It’s pretty cool. Nifty, if you know what I mean. Slick. I’m talking about the new on-line sublimation products catalog by Conde. It goes right along with something I have been experimenting with – but more about that in a minute.   The catalog can be called up from any computer, tablet or smartphone by typing into your browser. Of course, you need a WiFi connection. It provides full-color samples of many of the Conde products showing how they can be decorated and giving some basic information for each. The app works best on a computer or tablet. I found my iPhone a bit unstable, especially if I enlarged the images but it DID work.   This means you have access to the Conde catalog no matter where you are or what you are doing. If you have your phone or tablet or there is a computer connected to the Internet, you have a super sales tool right at your fingertips.   I have been experimenting using the Microsoft Tablet as my main sales tool. I have loaded websites for many of the companies I represent and of course, pictures of some of my work as well, and this is what I use to show potential clients what I can provide for them. It is great for promotional products but works just as well for sublimation and engraving sales.   Having the new Conde catalog at, makes it really easy since there is no branding in the catalog (Conde doesn’t put their name anywhere prominent). Not that it really matters to me but it does keep your source of products secret. This makes it safe to hand your tablet over to the customer and even walk away to allow them to browse through the pages. Once your customer selects a product, you can check price and availability by jumping over to the Conde website at   Pretty cool, huh?