Power Clip

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The Power Clip function of CorelDraw is a very powerful tool yet is very simple to use. It enables you to place one object inside of another such as a picture inside of a shape or other object. Most of our Corel Templates were designed with the Power Clip function in mind. They have the outline of the sublimatable image. All you have to do is import your picture, size it and then Power Clip the picture into the template. Let me show you how it works. The first thing you want to do is open your template. As an example I am going to use a template of Our Adult Flip Flops (flp003). Once you have it opened you want to import your picture.   Next size and format your picture they way you want it  Once that is done click on “Effect” and then select “Place Inside Container”  And finally select the sublimatable area of the template.  Now you are ready to print.  It’s that simple.          In addition, you will find informative videos for configuring color management by the support team at Conde by visiting Conde TV, Conde Facebook Page and Conde Twitter. Look for more upcoming videos and informative blog entries to be added for successful sublimation and maintaining your Conde DyeSub System. If there is something that you think would be better said in an instructional video or blog posting, then we look forward to hearing your ideas. Thanks, Conde Systems Inc. www.conde.com Support Technician, 1-800-826-6332 Andy Taylor