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By Steve Keepsake boxes make great gifts. They can be used as jewelry boxes or a place to keep almost anything of value, especially sentimental value. Most are considered to be either 6.5x6.5" or 6x8” and about 1.5” deep. They come in a variety of wood tones and almost all are imported.   The tile on top is the significant feature people love since it can be made to show a picture, text or both. The tile is also the deciding factor as to how much it costs to make the box since a ceramic tile takes considerable time and effort compared to metal or a hardboard tile and that should be reflected in the price.     There are a lot of online companies that offer these boxes, most of which are the same box or couple of boxes and for the most part, the same boxes we can buy from Conde (WP100CH). Looking at the prices of the boxes sold by Conde, we have two separate price items to consider. First, the one almost everyone else is selling which we pay a bit over $12.00 for. The second is the series of boxes made by UNISUB, plus the WP450 which is the box with the removable lid that cost us about $20.00.     Since the prices for the 6x6” boxes range from $24.95 to $39.95 with most being $29.95, that sets a price in my head of $29.95. It is competitive, makes a statement about the quality of the box and gives me more than double my investment. If you plan to use ceramic tiles as inserts for these boxes, you will more than earn that extra bit of money in time and effort (remember, the ceramic tiles are not included). If you use UNISUB hardboard or aluminum tiles which are much quicker and easier to make and cost less, the $29.95 price should allow for a couple of mistakes and still double your money. An option here is to offer a “Two fer” which is one of my favorite marketing ploys: Two for $49.95 still doubles our money and since there is no risk to the boxes, the worst that can go wrong is to have to remake a couple of UNISUB tiles which cost less than $1.     As for the UNISUB boxes and the unhinged box, these cost us about $20.00 each and even though I would certainly use a UNISUB tile with these (one uses a 2-sided metal insert), I would want to at least double my money so I would suggest $39.95 for these. Anything higher would probably put it beyond its perceived value. Anything less and it would hardly be worth the trouble of shipping, stocking and making the product. Again, this is a good product to do a “Two fer” with since the only potential loss is a UNISUB tile or two. Perhaps 2 for $69.95 or “Buy one at the regular price and get $10 off the second”. Remember too, these are larger boxes than the one we priced at $29.95.     Remember too, these are all heirloom boxes that will probably stay around for a long time which demands more money. So, think outside the box!