Sublimation Case Study Part 2- Pressing Matters

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This is the second part of my story about finding heat transfer equipment for my little business, the Mermaid’s Chest on Dauphin Island, Alabama. I had been making heat transfer tees but my old t shirt transfer press was worn out and would not heat up. It was barely a year old and only 15x15 and I now have a bigger printer so I wanted on that would accept large transfer paper to match my printer, the Epson 4880. Now I wanted a dye sublimation press. Not that it was especially for dye sub, all heat press t shirt printing uses the same type press, it’s just a heat transfer tool. I started looking on the web for the best heat transfer machines for t shirts and was immediately interested in the Digital Knight heat press line. Warranted for a full year and three years on the digital controls, exploring George Knight and sons immediately led me back to Conde Systems, who have a complete heat transfer catalog and recommend the Knight presses as the best heat press line. Conde is a reputable company located here in Mobile, Alabama, but known far and wide for their extensive catalog of supplies. I found other heat press machines for sale on ebay, but they were mostly the Chinese one just like I had previously, with no warranty or technical support. I already know the folks at Conde are dependable and great for their extended support network, so I was satisfied I was on the right track. And Conde gave me the best heat press price I could find. I started checking on the various presses, I checked into an air operated press, an automatic press that would spring open as needed. That was the DK25S, a bit pricey for me ($2770). I did want the 16” X 20” platen, so the DK20S seemed to be the model I wanted most, at on $1250, I had enough left over to also get the heat press stand that goes with it, for only $275. Now that I had my new t shirt transfer press, I also got all the t shirt heat transfer equipment and heat press supplies I needed to do other things, like tiles and plaques. Doug Dewitt at Conde helped me look into every heat transfer application my new equipment could handle. Plus, when I ran the heat transfer numbers, the cost of the sublimation heat press paper and other heat press material, I could see how lucrative this would all be, soon I would be doubling my money. Heat press printing is the way to go for a small business, that’s for sure. Not just a t shirt press machine, now the heat press numbers lead me to the full array of heat transfer application. Stay tuned and I will tell you all about the many great things I can make with my heat transfer printing machine set-up.