Want to Sell More Dye Sublimation Name Badges?

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By Steve Spence Want your sublimated name badge business to be more lucrative? It can be and it doesn’t take much effort or cost much money to do it. Here are just a couple of ideas:   1.ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear a name badge yourself with your company name, picture of your storefront, logo, etc. I once sold a badge to a sign salesman. Like most people, he said, “I don’t like wearing name badges” but reluctantly, he put it on and went to lunch. When he went to pay his bill, the manager saw the badge and to make a long story short, ordered a $10,000 neon sign for his business. One thing you can bet on, that guy wears his badge everywhere he goes – probably even to bed at night!   People you do business with everyday; at the hardware store, the dry cleaners, gas station, grocery store, drug store, doctor or dentist’s office, vet, hobby shop, etc., all should be wearing a name badge. A few, like Wal-Mart, wear disgustingly ugly, cheap badges and have no choice but you will be surprised how many people you know will ask where you got your badge and how they can get them for their own businesses.   2. When you see a business, especially a privately owned restaurant, bar or small business, see it as a potential customer but don’t try selling them anything. Instead, thank them for their great service or for helping you in some way by making the person, preferably the owner, a name badge. Then, drop by the business, give the badge to the person and thank them for the great meals you get there, the fine service - anything truthful.   Now this won’t bring an order every time but you will be surprised how many small businesses will stop you the next time you go in and ask about getting more badges. Remember that sign salesman? I charged him $10 for his badge. It will only cost you about $1 and think of the potential return!