How to make your "Old" FOREVER Transfer RIP Work with the "New" OKI pro8432WT

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An article by: Douglas DeWitt

Did you ever get a new toy for your birthday or Christmas, only to realize that you do not have the batteries to operate it?  Now imagine purchasing the new OKI pro8432WT White Toner color laser printer, only to realize that it will not work with your version of the FOREVER Transfer RIP software! Unfortunately, you will not be able to enjoy "instant gratification" with your new OKI pro8432WT printer unless you take some steps to update your FOREVER Transfer RIP.  Here are two important things you need to know before you get started:

1)      You must use version 2.30 (or newer) of the FOREVER Transfer RIP Software with the OKI pro8432WT White Toner Printer.  Previous versions will not work!

2)      You must be within your "Update Plan" to upgrade the FOREVER Transfer RIP.  Otherwise, a new "Update Plan" must be purchased from FOREVER in order to upgrade your Transfer RIP software.

In order to find out if the "Update Plan" to your FOREVER Transfer RIP is current, simply click on the "Register" button of your FOREVER Transfer RIP. There should be a published date as to when your Upgrade Plan will expire. Clients who purchase the FOREVER Transfer RIP have a six-month window to upgrade their RIP software.  Afterwards, a twelve-month Upgrade Plan must be purchased from FOREVER.

If your Upgrade Plan is current . . .

First, make sure the PC with the FOREVER Transfer RIP software is connected to the Internet and that your "key dongle" is installed.  Next, click on the "Support" button in the FOREVER Transfer RIP, then click on "Update".  You will be prompted to "login" and to click the "Update" button within the "Update Plan Login".  Then, click the "Check for Updates" button to pull information on the latest version of the Transfer RIP.  A numeric version number of the latest RIP and a creation date should appear. Now, simply click "Download Update" and the latest version should download and auto-install. Once you have the new version (2.30 or newer), click on "Profile Updates" to download the new profiles for the OKI pro8432WT printer.  FOREVER Paper currently has profiles for their Laser-Dark No-Cut, Laser-Light No-Cut and Multi-Trans papers.

If your Upgrade Plan is not current . . .

You will need to contact FOREVER Paper ( and purchase the "Upgrade Plan" for your Transfer RIP software.  When FOREVER Paper provides your new Upgrade Code, then open the RIP, click "Register" and insert your new Update Code into the Transfer RIP.

Once your Update Code is reset, then you can follow the steps above to obtain the latest version of the FOREVER Transfer RIP and the latest profiles for your new OKI pro8432WT printer.

If you need further assistance, please contact FOREVER Paper or Condé Tech Support.