Five Reasons to Think about the Holidays in July

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by: Robin Kavanagh, Public Relations Manager, Sawgrass  


It’s hot. You’re getting ready for vacation. The beach and the summer sun are calling. Why in the world should you be thinking about the holidays now?

  We have five reasons why everyone thinking of selling decorated products this winter should already have the holidays on their mind:

  1. Stock Up on Substrates: October, November and December are peak months for substrate sales. Many product decorators find they themselves running out of substrates right in the middle of the holiday sales cycle. Ordering more takes time, and you run the risk of your dealer not having any left in stock. Thinking about what products you want to offer, how much you estimate you will need and starting you planning and buying now will minimize the risk of you running short in the winter.


  1. Spread Material Costs Over Time: The cost of substrates is the most expensive part of any sublimated product. Laying out the money for a large order at one time may not fit with your budget – especially when you have an increased amount of inventory for the holiday season. Planning for holiday production now can help you better budget out your substrate purchases now, and gradually build your stock in preparation for the winter.


  1. Time to Experiment: Were there products on the market last year that you were thinking of adding to your shop? Maybe you’ve seen some new, trendy products that have been selling really well this year. Now is the time to buy some samples and test them out with your customers. You may find that one or two products really hit the sweet spot for your market, and then you can add them to your holiday line-up.


  1. Take Advantage of Summer Promotions: Summertime is a slow production period for many product decorators. That means dealers are not selling as much as they do the rest of the year. Many dealers will offer discounts, rewards and other incentives to inspire customers to buy during these months. 


  1. Get Ahead of the Game: Getting plans, systems and strategies together now for your busy season is a great way to ensure less stress and smoother production. You’ll be ahead of the game when orders start coming in, ready to fulfill them and take on some more. This, in turn, results in great service and repeat business.




  Though the weather outside might be delightful for summertime fun, make sure you also have your mind set on the future of your business this fall and winter. The holidays will be here before you know it, and you want to be as prepared as possible.