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Can FOREVER FlexSoft No-Cut be the Gateway to White Toner Success?

For the past 18 months, I have been working with the new FOREVER FlexSoft No-Cut material and I have grown to love this self-weeding vinyl. The relative ease in which intricate designs can be weeded and applied to cottons, blends, and polyesters makes this product a "must have". The fact that FOREVER FlexSoft No-Cut can be used with a simple laser printer and a swing-away heat press should allow any print shop the opportunity to implement this new self-weeding technology.

I highly encourage all digital decorators experiment with FOREVER FlexSoft No-Cut, especially if you are considering a "White Toner" laser system for creating multi-color designs to fabrics. Why start with single-color FlexSoft first? If you learn the weeding process with FOREVER FlexSoft, your transition into multi-color designs with self-weeding transfers will be an easier one.

The most popular self-weeding transfer paper for multi-color designs here at Condé is the FOREVER Low-Temp Laser Dark. Like FlexSoft No-Cut, FOREVER Low-Temp Laser Dark can be applied to cottons, blends and polyesters. Also, FOREVER FlexSoft No-Cut uses the same production steps as Low-Temp Laser Dark. Even the weeding sheets are the same for both products!

One of the biggest hurdles all White Toner System operators have to clear is learning how to calibrate a heat press to generate consistent weeding results with self-weeding transfers. This process takes practice and usually results in many "lost" transfers before discovering that proper pressure setting to achieve consistent results. Given that most White Toner Systems cost between $2,500 and $7,000 to obtain and self-weeding transfers can run above $4.00 per sheet, learning the press process can be expensive.

Other than slight differences in application temperatures, the production steps involved with FOREVER FlexSoft No-Cut and their Low-Temp Laser Dark are identical. They both use the same pressure settings for applying the weeding sheet to their films and the same application times to set the emulsion and final transfer to your fabric. Therefore, you can start with an inexpensive laser printer and FlexSoft No-Cut and master the weeding process. When you decide to incorporate a White Toner System, you will either be a master at weeding FOREVER Paper products, or at least be familiar enough with the pressing process to learn the Low-Temp Laser Dark process without expensive waste. Ultimately, you can learn to apply BOTH products to decorate fabrics and create unique designs that will excite your clients, adding more value to the decorated garments you offer!

For help with your "exploration" of FOREVER FlexSoft No-Cut, contact Condé Systems at (800) 826-6332 and reference the blog post "Can FOREVER FlexSoft No-Cut be the Gateway to White Toner Success" and receive a 15% discount of the purchase price of a FOREVER FlexSoft No-Cut Premium Sample Pack. Limit one discount sample pack per customer.

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