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Dye Sublimation Business: Door-to-Door Still Works!

Dye Sublimation Business: Door-to-Door Still Works!
Sell door to door? I know what you are probably thinking, but before you blow this off, listen to the rest of the blog: I once had a job that included selling door to door. I hated it, but I learned something from the experience, it still works.

So, how do we take advantage of this without actually doing it? Here’s my approach and I am going to actually do this during the holidays:
I’m going to hire some neighborhood kids and put them to work delivering a flyer or catalog, every week to everyone within a few blocks of my shop. 

The first trip will provide a full-color catalog from Conde showing all the many Photo-Gift products available along with a letter of introduction in a plastic bag to be hung on each door or mailbox (don’t put things inside the mailbox, that’s illegal).   

The following contacts will include a SALE flyer pushing several key items, delivered in the same way. Now, I could reach a lot more people by mail but, one, I can’t afford it and two, only one-half of one percent of those contacted by direct mail ever buy anything. Now, I can’t say my method will be any better but I think it will because it won’t be connected with other junk mail and it is coming from a “neighbor”.   

The other value here is that I can control the cost. If it gets to be too much, I can scale back. If it proves highly successful, I can scale up. I can select the neighborhoods I want to reach. I can go after private homes or businesses or both. 

In at least one of the contacts, I am sure I will include a free sample of something – probably a bookmark with – guess what printed on it – my company name and phone number. Advertising works. We all know that.

The trick is to find something we can control and afford that is also effective. I can’t say how successful this method will be because I have never tried it myself but it works with all kinds of other things – bake sales, Vacation Bible Schools, yard sales and free car washes (which are never really free of course).   

If you decide to try this or some variation of it, let me know how it does for you and I will do the same.

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