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The Benefit of Fonts

Today, we want to share some tips on fonts for products and marketing that can open up a whole new world of inspiration! Font trends change just as rapidly as design, artwork, and product trends, so you have to stay up to date and flexible on your designs. Here are some tips to help you maximize the impact of using different fonts! 

1. Combining different fonts
Using fonts that compliment each other adds professionalism and will help your products or advertisements stand out. This is a very popular design right now. i.e. script font with a nice clean sans serif font.

2. Playing with text position and alignment
Text does not always have to be aligned to the left. Center aligning text can create a clean look to a paragraph. Consider the placement of the text in the overall composition of your product and how it can compliment it. i.e. Center of page? Bottom of Page?

3. Playing with your font sizes
The size of your font helps to emphasize different aspects of your paragraph or product. Tip: Use larger font size for more important info, smaller font for less important - i.e. magazine blurbs on front cover

4. Choose easy-to-read fonts
If people struggle to read your font, they most likely will not bother to read it. Making things easier to read increases the likelihood of reaching more people. In this case, simplicity can be your friend.

5. Experiment with font case (UPPER and lower)
Upper case fonts are trendy and can provide a clean look, making branding more balanced and symmetrical. Think about logos with all caps fonts: GAP, NIKE, THE NORTH FACE. The same effect is possible with all lower case fonts. Both of these font choices, if used properly, are different and trendy.

6. Play with kerning (letter spacing)
You can say a lot about your font by changing the kerning, or spacing, between your letters. Increasing or decreasing the amount of space between letters creates emphasis and draws the audiences' eyes to what you want it to see. i.e. if you want your font to feel “free” and give it some breathing room, you can increase the kerning of your font: F R E E

7. Less is more
Communicate as much as you can, with as little as possible. Most people do not want to read a lengthy paragraph; because of this, use as few words as possible while still making your statement or point.

8. Keeping up with trends is VITAL!
People will not buy or order your products if you cannot give them what they want. A great way to figure out what is hot right now is to scroll through or Pinterest. Do not look up fonts, look up the products that you are trying to sell and see what people are buying. Follow market trends and

9. You can get them for free!
So many websites that sell fonts and artwork have "Free" tabs or sections with free fonts that you can download and use whenever you want.

We hope that these tips were enlightening and helpful! We care about our customers and want you all to flourish and become as successful as possible! For great artwork to pair perfectly with these fonts, visit our artwork site

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