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Graphics: When More is More

When More is More
Unfortunately, no one really knows what the post-pandemic “new normal” will look like, especially in business. during a recent interview, Adrienne Palmer, the Editor-in-Chief of ScreenPrint Magazine, was asked what she saw as the newest trend in the shirt decoration business and her response surprised many. You have probably heard the old adage that says, “Less is More” and have struggled with customers trying to put too much artwork on a substrate. However, Ms. Palmer’s response to this was, “More is More in 2021".

Customers Want More Graphics

Customers want Graphics!
Customers are demanding lots of graphics – even the mixing of graphics such as a screen-printed image on the front of a shirt, sublimated images across the back and patches on the sleeves. The concept of less is more is declining in trends and more graphics is in!

This is going to take some serious getting used to for me. I have always prided myself on printing garments with conservative graphics using the “less is more” adage whenever possible. We have all had to make changes in 2020 just to survive. Now we can focus on trends again, and must adapt to follow what our cliental are demanding.

The good and bad

A possible downside to this is it will take more time to press and use more ink. However, because there are multiple graphics, we can charge much more for the product.

Do not be surprised when a customer comes into your shop asking for a shirt with lots of graphics, even mixing the technologies to include sublimation, heat transfer, screen printing and anything else they can think of. This is a great opportunity to put your skills to the test, build more loyal clients by providing quality products, and generate more revenue.

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