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Sublimation - Conde Systems - 27 Years Expert Experience
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Sublimation PolyLeather Bag Tags - Conde Systems Inc.

Sublimation PolyLeather Bag Tags - Conde Systems Inc.
These polyleather luggage tags are stylish and practical travel accessories, designed to elevate your luggage while ensuring easy identification. With an imprint-ready panel on one side and a glamorous black glitter finish on the other, they combine functionality with a touch of sophistication. Simply incorporate a beautiful design along with identifying information to make your bags stand out in a crowd. Crafted from premium blank PU leather, these luggage tags boast meticulous stitching, durable construction, and a luxurious soft texture. Engineered for sublimation printing, they guarantee flawless, vibrant, and permanent print results that won't fade over time. It's important to note that PU imitation leather is entirely synthetic, composed solely of polyurethane, making it a cruelty-free and eco-friendly alternative to genuine leather. With their superior quality and customizable design, these polyleather luggage tags are essential accessories for travelers seeking both style and practicality.

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