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Sublimation - Conde Systems - 27 Years Expert Experience
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Sublimation Summit

A Conference Like No Other

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September 27th and 28th Condé will be taking part in the 2019 Sublimation Summit, represented by David Gross and Sprite Wood! We are honored to be invited and appreciate that this event, being the first of its kind, is going to do so much good for the sublimation community!

Whether you are just beginning your sublimation journey, or are a climbing entrepreneur, this summit is incredibly valuable. 

Over 40 classes will be offered by the biggest names in sublimation, including our Senior Product Developer, Sprite Wood and President, David Gross! Starting Friday at breakfast there will be opportunities to rub elbows with the right people and network, followed by successful speakers sharing their experiences with triumph and failure.

Please Join Us and Introduce Yourself!


Classes by David Gross, President:

Starting Your Sublimation Journey: Your Hands On Guide To Success - Start here! Is your printer still in the box or still on the fence about buying a sublimation system? This class is for you. We will discuss the essentials of sublimation and then show you just how easy it is to sublimate. We will start with taking the SG Virtuoso printer out of the box and go all the way to printing and pressing your first transfer. This is a hands on class as you will print your image and press. We will also cover a few of my favorite sublimation tips. Bring your questions.

Best Practices For Sublimation Success: Don't Reinvent The Wheel On Your Journey - Learn from my 27 years of sublimation experience as I share many of my tips for beginning and accelerating your sublimation success. We will cover the three P’s: the sublimation process, products and promotion. Learn such critical tips as “Create your wall of Shame”, “Black test”, TTPT and “Don’t let your opinions get in way of making money”. This class will benefit new as well as veteran sublimators.

Classes by Sprite Wood: 

Extreme Value Sublimation: Cashing In On Sublimation Secrets - It seems like everyone has a sublimation business these days and it is important to set yourself apart from the crowd. Join Sprite Wood, Lead Product Developer and Graphic Artist from Conde Systems, as she walks you through steps to increase the value of your sublimation products. Topics will include branding and marketing, design tips and tricks, helpful online resources, bundling products, and much, much more.   

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Riding The Wave Of New Sublimation Products - This is such an exciting time to be in the sublimation industry! With more base substrates, techniques and coatings than ever before, the possibilities for revenue are endless. In this workshop, Sprite Wood from Conde Systems, shows new and unique products that are guaranteed to have your customers coming back for more.  In addition to all the new great products, she will also be showcasing some of the new imprinting methods that Conde has been developing.  Be sure to catch this class to stay up to date on all of the newest sublimation products and processes.       




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