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Creating Christmas in July

Published on July 11th, 2019

Though Santa may have shed his winter robes for flip flops, Condé is fully immersed in the holiday season! During Condé’s “Christmas In July”, we have discounted a substantial amount of our Christmas products, such as ornaments (we also snuck in a couple of Halloween ones) and stockings, to propel us into the fall and winter seasons. With temperatures reaching 112° on the Gulf Coast, Condé is trying its best to will winter into fruition! Additionally, in the spirit of Christmas, we want to share not only the savings offered by our awesome company, but also the knowledge of why you may want to promote something similar within your own.


Tone is of the Essence. With many retailers dependent on the holiday  season for major sales, it is pertinent to squeeze as much as you can out  of the Christmas season. Though you may not want to stock up with cold  weather products just yet, July is the time to start creating a marketing  plan and consider the tone you want to set during the holiday season.  Whether you plan to market your company with the words “Merry  Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”, you want to be as inclusive as possible.  Though most people would find it ridiculous to be offended by either term, you may choose to keep your personal beliefs vague in a more religiously diverse community. Profit is much harder to attain if clients don’t feel included!


Pick Your Gift. Even more important than how you make customers feel, is what you have to offer them! People spend an incredible amount of money giving gifts to loved ones and want to pick the perfect personalized product. By following trends and taking your best-selling products into account, you can make an educated guess about the goods your clients will want to buy. Scrambling last minute because a supplier ran out of inventory by December, is not a situation I would wish on any business owner. Start shopping now for quality products, art, ink, transfer paper, and other essential production components. Visit our new products page to see what new products will be great to add to your shop.



Tune-Up the “Sleigh”. Bad reviews will destroy a company and one of the most common mistakes companies make is taking too long to ship. With delivery being one of the deciding factors of online purchases, you must streamline your processes. Develop a plan to become extremely organized over the holiday season and cut down on your shipping lead time (time between order being received and being picked up for shipment). If all goes well, you’ll have a plan that you can implement year-round. Customers assume they’ll have to wait longer for personalized gifts, surprise them in the by being earlier than expected. Guarantee great reviews by generating happy customers which will grow your business even further!


The holidays are a magical time for many different cultures but don’t forget to give to yourself! There is no greater gift than a growing business. From our family to yours, Condé wants to wish you an amazing, and amazingly successful, Christmas In July!



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