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Creating the Value:

Published on November 14th, 2019

With the holiday season upon us, now is the best time to maximize your profits, time, and efforts. What’s the best way to turn that $15 product into a $50 product? Create more value! This means offering a unique product or addition that customers cannot get anywhere else. Not only will clients pay top dollar for these products, they will come back for more and send referrals. Here we will outline our top 3 ways to increase the value of your products that will ultimately lead to more revenue.

Creating the value for products:

  1. Compelling Design/ Customization: Compelling Design/Customization: Design and color are a big part of the sublimation industry. Adding more personalization options and compelling artwork easily raises the value. Go the extra mile when creating artwork and personalized designs for customers. A great way to start is to use personal photos. For example, consider these mugs:


The first one is great, it’s a customized mug with a name on it.  This mug can retail for about $5.  The second mug has been customized with a pattern and initials. With this design, the customer has a chance to pick their colors and the format of the words. Just by giving this option, you have increased the value by about $10. The third mug is something that no one else has or can get.  It is a full color, customizable, top to bottom image with a handle design. This mug, because of its uniqueness, will sell for about $25 and it only took you about 5 more minutes to produce.


  1. Offering a unique product: Customers are more eager to purchase, and appreciate, one-of-a-kind products they know they cannot get anywhere else. Consider revamping your product line with innovative and out-of-the-box creations that will allow your shop to stand out among the rest. One example is to stack metal.  



Here we have a $10 photo panel.  It looks great, and any customer would be happy to have it.  But you have hundreds of other companies out there offering the exact same product, usually cheaper than you are.  So, to make customers look at you and to add value, you need to look different.  Just by adding a $2.50 mounting block and a $6.50 additional piece of metal, you now have a piece that people will take notice of.  Plus, you’ve increased the value of your product by at least $30. 



  1. Bundling: Building and offering a selection of related products at a special cost is a great way to build value. These make excellent gift sets, especially around the holidays. Also, this is a different way to get customers to try out a various array of products at one time. Let’s think about pet products. A customer will $15-$25 for a personalized dog collar. But throw in a matching personalized dog tag and leash and you can easily raise the cost to $40.



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