Porcelain Holiday Ornaments

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These timeless and classic sublimatable porcelain ornaments are perfect for Christmas! Our double-sided porcelain ornaments have a glossy finish that provides fantastic image quality. They come in several shapes, such as a 5-pointed star, an open holiday wreath, closed holiday wreath, dog bone, scalloped edged, heart, and snowflake. These are great for beginners and small presses!
Things you will need to press this product are:

  • Prospray
  • Heat glove
  • Protective paper
  • Green rubber pad

Your press should be set at a temperature of 400 degrees. The product needs to be pressed from 3-4.5 minutes, depending on the size, with light pressure. We recommend Dyetrans or Texprint paper.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Only press one side at a time
  • Add 10 seconds to the press time for each piece, up to a maximum of 7 minutes on a 16x20 press.
  • If your images are not transferring well to the edges, on your next run, very lightly wet the back of the transfer with water.
  • If you use heat tape with double-sided ornaments, you need to wrap the transfer completely around the ornament and tape the paper to itself. Do not tape directly on the ornament because it could leave marks when you image the other side. Do not image both sides at once.
  • If you are having pale spots or areas that don’t seem to be catching the image, try slightly wetting the transfer at those areas. (This is usually inside raised filigrees or the hole for the ornament string) This will help the image conform to the raised surfaces

This product looks fabulous with almost any design, such as a family photo, festive artwork and patterns, a monogram, family name, or holiday scene! We have plenty of high quality artwork over at www.condedesign.com, look for the Holiday and Seasonal tab!

These ornaments sell for up to $20 on sites like Etsy. A product as quick and simple to make as this one can be a game changer around the holidays for you and your business. They look great and can potentially bring in a very large profit.

For examples and inspiration, check out out client image gallery to see how crafty and creative you can get with this product. You can also watch the corresponding video on CondeTV here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz-fikcXom4

Call up your Conde rep today to order this product and practice making it perfect!