Dye Sublimation Printing Problems with CorelDRAW

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By Steve Spence Has it ever happened to you? Maybe you fight it all the time: You send a normal enough sublimation job to your printer and what you get is either a frozen CorelDRAW program, a sheet with only half or even a third of the print and everything else missing or the program just seems to ignore you altogether.   The symptoms vary from user to user but the solution is the same. In fact, I have no real idea why Corel does this (only educated guesses) but I do know the solution to the problem – at least most of the time.   Nothing complicated. Do whatever you need to do to send your job to the printer. If you use the ICC profile from Conde, do the necessary steps for that to happen. If you PowerDriver, you may actually see this problem more often but none the less, select PowerDriver for your printer and make the necessary selections and click OK.   After you do all these things, you will see the final print screen. Normally, as soon as you click “Print”, the job goes to the printer. It is the last step in the sequence. But before you click on that last Print button, click the “Print as Bitmap” located toward the bottom of the print driver screen. This should make your printer behave itself and print your image correctly.   “Yes”, it’s as simple as that. Clicking on the “Print as Bitmap” can turn your frown upside down and take away all that pent up frustration you have been feeling toward your sublimation printer.   Check out the video we made to accompany this blog, click here to see it on condetv.com!   Go ahead. Try it, you’ll like it.