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U9996 ChromaLuxe EXT Aluminum

Item #: U9996

Required Accessories:
Heat Tape, ProSpray, Fabric

DyeTrans Multi-Purpose

PowerDriver Users:
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Hover transfer under open heat press for 10 seconds to dry excess moisture.

You will also need fabric, a piece slightly larger than your panel, of poly-poplin (F0008) or PP7813), sold separately.

NOTE: Endura® is the fabric that ChromaLuxe recommends for this use, but any smooth textured polyester will do. We do not carry Endura. Stay away from coarse thick textured polyesters like our poly Duck/Canvas. If using a very thin wispy fabric like our China Silk, you might need 2 or 3 layers.

Small sizes, 8x10, 5x7, etc: 90 seconds
Next size, 11x14, 12x12: 100 seconds
16x20 and larger: 120 seconds

Press for 90 to 120 seconds, large sizes need longer timing and more pressure

1) Dry the printed transfer under a hot heat platen for 15 seconds.

2) Tape the transfer to the face of the substrate with short tape strips running parallel to the edge of the substrate. This keeps the transfer in place but makes it easy to remove immediately after pressing without moving the substrate.

3) Lay substrate face up, transfer on top, on a piece of protective paper on the bottom table of the press.

4) Cover with one layer of fabric, poly-poplin (F0008, also known as Endura®), to distribute pressure and reduce stress on the coating. This step is especially recommended for 11x17+ sized plaques. Smaller plaques may skip this step. The fabric can be re-used until it becomes badly stained.

5) Press for the prescribed time, temp and pressure.

6) When done, remove the fabric and gently peel the taped transfer off the substrate without allowing it to slide or move (the heavier the piece, the easier this is.)

7) Allow the substrate to sit and cool. Do not handle it until cool to reduce the chances of damaging the coating on the edges.

~ Please remember to always press mounting blocks firmly onto the photo panel and wait a minimum of 10-15 minutes before it is hung on the wall. The longer it is adhered to the panel before it is hung, the stronger it becomes.

Subject: Unisub and ChromaLuxe Aluminum Questions - Answers by Keith Shifflet; Unisub®

Q - Hi, I’ve got a need to cut some of the sublimatable aluminum panels into custom sizes. Need to know if the ChromaLuxe Aluminum can be cut with a standard bench shear designed to cut 0.045” aluminum, specifically, is the coating surface harder than the aluminum thus requiring a heavier duty shear?
A - I think it can be sheared with what you describe, as long as it looks something an accucutter machine. ChromaLuxe is thicker and harder and you will need to lightly chamfer sand, or blunt, the sheared edges. All high end photo panel producers perform this treatment. (By the way, all of our fabricated photo panels are CNC routed and not sheared and corner notched. Routing results in a much nicer edge. But a light sand treatment by you will work fine).

Q - Do the panels cut as easily as plain aluminum without the coating chipping or getting damaged?
A - No, they do not cut as easily. Plain aluminum is a thinly coated product and not densely crosslinked, softer, more pliable. ChromaLuxe is a much thicker coated product, one that is densely crosslinked resulting in superior sublimation color results, scratch, chemical, and fade resistance.

Q - Can you Laser-Cut ChromaLuxe?

A - Lasering is fine and won't hurt the coating. You must leave the peel coat on.
Shearing then sanding edges is ok but many CNC route which we do.

Click here for the Unisub Tip Sheet for cutting their substrates.

Here is the Unisub Tip Sheet: Mounting Option Chart

Updated: August 6, 2018

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