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Ceramic Mug Sublimation Instructions





Press Time

3 Minutes 30 Seconds



Additional Items

Heat Tape

Recommended Paper

DyeTrans Multi-Purpose or TexPrint


1. Secure transfer to the Ceramic Mug using Heat Tape.
2. Top with protective paper, taking care not to extend the paper well above or below the top and bottom of the mug.
3. Place Ceramic Mug in Mug Press and close the heating element around the mug.
4. Press according to time, temperature, and pressure above.
5. Remove any paper residue with a soft wet cloth or dish sponge.

Click here for an in-depth FAQ on Mug Pressing Techniques

Application notes: The typical imaging area for a mug is 1.25” in from the handle and .25” from the top and bottom sides of the mug.

Place heat tape on the transfer edges closest to the handle that does not have sublimation ink on it after you have aligned the image on the mug. Use heat tape to attach the transfer to the mug taking care not to cover any of the imaging area.

Use a fan to cool ceramic mugs or the A6000 Kool Plate. Do not dunk mugs in water.

Updated: April 9, 2019


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