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DyeTrans® Multi-Purpose Sublimation Release Paper

DyeTrans Multi-Purpose Sublimation Release Paper is an excellent all-around paper that provides superb image clarity and color on hard and soft substrates. Available in a wide assortment of pre-cut sizes, this paper helps digital decorators at all levels of production eliminate paper waste and drastically reduces the time and effort involved in production.

DyeTrans pre-cut paper can be loaded directly into a dye-sub printer’s built-in paper tray or alternate paper source (e.g., optional paper feed unit or multi-bypass tray available for the Sawgrass Virtuoso and Ricoh GX Series Printers) and printed by creating a User Defined Paper Size in the printer’s driver.

DyeTrans Multi-Purpose Sublimation Paper is formulated to work in perfect harmony with our Spectra Fusion Color System, providing unmatched vibrancy and color.

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