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Markers for Sublimation Imprinting

Artesprix® Sublimation Markers, Pack includes 10 markers - Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Magenta and Purple. 10 chisel tip permanent thermal transfer markers. Nib 1-4mm, vented cap, ergonomic grip.

Transfer your designs from any copy paper to polyester fabric or sublimation coated items. Arteprix Markers are designed to allow you to add the personal touch to everyday items such as apparel and décor using the sublimation heat transfer process. By adding heat and pressure to your drawing, you can permanently transfer the image from plain paper to polyester products such as totes, mugs, t-shirts, luggage tags…the list goes on and on.

Use the markers to create your artwork on any copy paper. The final product is a mirror image so any text must be reversed (a stencil may be helpful). The final transferred image will appear brighter than it does on paper.

Not recommended for handling by children under 9.