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Iron Trivets for Displaying Sublimatable Ceramic Tiles

These trivets for sublimatible tiles are beautiful as well as functional. The custom tiles (sold separately) can be matched to dining room decor or coordinated with cutting boards or other kitchen items. When not being used to cool pots, the iron trivets can be hung on the wall as artwork in homes, restaurants, office spaces, or other businesses. Customers will love having a new way of displaying their tiles.  

Also consider offering matched sets of custom personalized kitchen items for a coordinated line-up.

    DyeTrans® Wrought Iron Trivet for 4x4 Tile

    DyeTrans® Wrought Iron Trivet for 4x4 Tile

    Item #: IT4X4

    Dimensions: Fits 1- 4x4" Tile

    DyeTrans® Iron Trivet with Handle, Black fits (1) 4.25" Sublimation Tile. Designed for countertop protection, but can also be used as a wall hanging (tile sold separately; any 4.25" Tile will fit). Includes (4) integrated plastic feet. Tiles that fit: Bison 4x4 Tiles (NS4X4DS, NS4X4GLO, NS4X4SHC) or DyeTrans Value Tile (BT44). E ... continue reading

    Wholesale Pricing

    $ 7.69 - 1 to 11

    $ 7.13 - 12 to 47

    $ 6.93 - 48 to 143

    $ 6.83 - 144 and up

    AL Multiple: 1

    CA Multiple: 1

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