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Neenah IMAGE CLIP Koncert T Transfer Paper

IMAGE CLIP® Koncert T’s Heat Transfer Papers are designed to create a white graphic to apply to pastel, dark and bright colored items including: T-shirts, handbags, mouse pads, coasters, and more. Product ships with two (2) sets of paper: an imaging sheet (blue grid) and a transfer sheet (orange grid) that applies a “white-base” emulsion only to the printed image. Print a single-color design onto the imaging sheet and cover with the transfer sheet inside your heat press. The transfer sheet will turn the design white. IMAGE CLIP® Koncert T’s works well on cotton and 50-50 blend fabrics. There is no need to trim the paper. IMAGE CLIP® Koncert T’s Heat Transfer Paper is self-weeding and leaves no background plastic polymer. Choose fabrics that have a tight weave. WARNING: Do not feed the transfer sheet (orange grid) through your color laser copier or color laser printer!

Helpful Tips on Using IMAGE CLIP® Koncert-Ts:
If the polymer sheet (Transfer sheet) is not transferring fully to the Imaging sheet (there are areas that are left untreated), increase the pressure and delay the peeling of the two sheets by 2 to 3 seconds.
If an excessive amount of toner is transferring from the Imaging sheet to the Transfer sheet, the heat press may be too hot or too much pressure was applied.
Allow the paper and shirt to fully cool to room temperature to allow for best white reproduction.
If you use an OKI White Toner Printer, set your "White Darkness" or "White Density" setting back to default (0) before printing to ImageClip Koncert-Ts with white toner. For more information, please visit CondeTV for a tutorial video on ImageClip Koncert-Ts and OKI White Toner Printers!