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Neenah IMAGE CLIP Laser Light Transfer Paper for Color Laser

Neenah IMAGE CLIP® Laser Light Paper is designed for Non-Oil Color Laser Printers and Color Laser Copiers. IMAGE CLIP Laser Light ships with (100) “Imaging” sheets (red grid) and (100) “Transfer” sheets (green grid) to apply a clear emulsion to only the printed toner on the imaging sheet, allowing the transfer to “self weed”.

WARNING: Do not feed the transfer sheet (green grid) through your color laser copier or color laser printer!

IMAGE CLIP Laser Light leaves no background plastic polymer, giving you a screen print effect onto your white or light colored fabrics. IMAGECLIP Laser Light works well on cotton, cotton blends and polyester fabric materials.

For best results with IMAGE CLIP Laser Light Paper: Use this paper for "computer-generated" artwork using full color in the design. IMAGE CLIP Laser Light is not recommended for Bitmap, Photographic, or Gradient images. Feed imaging sheets through your printer's Bypass or Multi-Purpose Tray. Set your copier to printer to run 40lb. Bond, 56lb. Cover or 240gsm media weight. If you Color Laser does not specify media weight measurements, try "Heavy" or "Thick Stock" media options.

Make sure that toner is properly bonded to the imaging sheet before attempting to bond emulsion with the transfer sheet Pressing the imaging sheet and transfer sheet together to apply emulsion to printed toner is the critical step in this process!

Please refer to our tutorial video on press calibration for more information (

Application with a hand iron is not recommended, use a commercial heat press Peel away backing sheet immediately after pressing to fabric Stretch the imaged garment to reduce the feel or “hand” of the image on the garment.

Recommended Products for IMAGE CLIP Laser Light Paper: White or Light-Colored Cotton and Cotton-Polyester blend T-shirts