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DK20SP Digital Knight Air Operated Swinger

The DK20SP is an air-operated automatic table top swing-away heat transfer press. The DK20SP provides a production oriented heat press with the benefits of push button operation, fully digital temperature & time control, and solid casting design with an affordable automatic heat press price. It is available in a 16" x 20" heater block size. The DK20SP utilizes the same Digital Knight control system as the as the DK20S series, and operates with a smooth swing-away fashion instead of shuttling. For demanding press runs and super consistent results, the DK20SP is an ideal press for meeting requirements that go beyond what a manual transfer press and operator can handle. The DK20SP is the industrial grade midrange solution between heavy duty manual heat presses such as the DK20 and DK20S and high production 394 Factory Shuttle Press machines. Automatic Presses – For these presses, you will need to separately purchase a small compressor. Size/model of air compressor needed for the air operated heat press: DK20SP requires- 5 gallon, 100psi minimum, ½ cfm small compressor or Greater is fine. Weight: 220 lbs Electrical: 1800W / 15A / 120V Dimensions: 32" D x 27" W x 38" H (add $35 for 220V international)

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