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Sublimation Blank Jar Openers

Rubber jar openers are rugged and inexpensive and can serve other purposes, a laptop mousepad, a coaster for big cups, or place them under potted plants. Our DyeTrans® Jar Openers are white polyester fabric top with black or tan rubber backing. Unique, useful, and loaded with value, rubber jar openers create more appreciation than products ten times their cost. Every household welcomes a jar opener. For gripping, promotional advertising, your best twist is a rubber jar opener. This sublimation imprintable jar opener loosens stuck lids, slippery tops, warm light bulbs, and reluctant containers.

These days rubber jar openers are mostly marketed toward senior citizens, and while they’re absolutely helpful for people with arthritis, reduced muscle mass, and other ailments like Long COVID, every kitchen should have one. In addition to sticky lids, these handy tools can be used to get a more secure grip on pot handles, door knobs, and knives. They can even be used to help attach a garden hose to the spigot. In a pinch, you can use one in place of a coaster too.

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