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Sublimation Blank Porcelain Oval Piece

Sublimation blank oval porcelain shapes available in a range of sizes from .25" x .3125" to 5" x 4.0625". This unique gift item allows photographic quality images of children, pets, and other loved ones to be transferred directly to the face of the porcelain using a DyeTrans Sublimation System. Sublimatable porcelain offers a combination of quality and value that is ideal for schools, sports teams, clubs and organizations, as well as personal gifts.

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Sublimation Blank Porcelain Oval Piece - No Hole

Sublimation Blank Porcelain Oval Piece - No Hole

Item #: K315

Dimensions: 1.1875" x 1.5625"

Finish: Gloss

Porcelain Sublimation Coated White Oval, 1.1875" x 1.5625" (30mm x 40mm), Gloss, not pierced. These glazed porcelain pieces are great for hundreds of ideas like jewelry, house warming gifts, Valentines Day gifts, custom doll tags, sweetheart pendants, wind chimes, and ceiling fan pulls. Use e6000 glue (230025, sold separately) to ... continue reading

Wholesale Pricing

$ 1.45 - 1 to 9

$ 1.20 - 10 to 23

$ 1.15 - 24 to 47

$ 1.10 - 48 and up

AL Multiple: 1

CA Multiple: 1

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