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Sublimation Blank Aluminum Outdoor Signage - Unisub EXT

Small businesses across the country are rising to the challenge of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Custom signage plays a critical role in communicating their efforts. Create custom signage for your customers to help them communicate their unique circumstances during this time such as: notifying customers of a temporary closure, highlighting new store hours and policies, announcing a restaurant’s curbside pickup and delivery options, encouraging social distancing and advocating frequent hand washing, or posting newly released state restrictions and mandates. Once primarily limited to indoor use, recent advances in sublimation coating technology have pushed sublimation outdoors with the introduction of extended life outdoor metal signs. This now opens up many new opportunities for custom outdoor restaurant signs, church signs, office signs, and wayfinding signs. The metal provides the lasting, vibrant colors you'd expect from ChromaLuxe panels with UV resistance that can stand up to outdoor elements for at least three years. As a bonus, these metal panels also deliver scratch, graffiti, and chemically resistant finishes rivaling other decorating technologies.

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