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FOREVER Laser Dark (No Cut) Low Temp Transfer Paper

Forever Laser Dark (No Cut) Low Temp self weeding heat transfer paper for Oki Digital Transfer Printers, the best heat transfer paper for dark shirts!

Forever Laser Dark (No Cut) Transfer Paper allows you to produce custom T shirt designs with your Oki white toner printer and transfer that design without any weeding, excess emulsion, cutting or trimming. Unlike traditional 4-color process laser printers, the Oki white toner laser printer with a CMYW printer configuration will capture gradient and halftone designs for more detailed artwork, including photographic reproductions. Use Forever Low Temp transfer paper with the Forever TransferRip software to regulate white toner printing (reducing  T shirt printing cost) and increase wash durability.

Self weeding heat transfer paper like Forever Laser Dark Low Temp deliver Direct to Garment printing quality without the Direct to Garment maintenance.

Perfect for: Dark Colored Garments White or light colored garments 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and blends.

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