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Siser EasySubli™

Sawgrass and Siser® have launched a new solution that combines sublimation and heat transfer vinyl in one! EasySubli™ allows you to sublimate directly to Siser® vinyl with your SG400, SG800 or VJ 628, contour cut with a cutter as needed, and then apply the to your garment with a heat press.

Siser® and Sawgrass partnered in develoing this innovative new product. Sawgrass' Virtuoso© Print Manager offers a color profile specifically created for Siser's EasySubli™ sublimation vinyl. The Siser EasySubli™ matte heat transfer vinyl and the Sawgrass specially formulated EasySubli ink set combination unlocks the full potential of sublimating on colored polyesters, cotton, rayon and more. Printing takes place directly onto the EasySubli transfer media, which is then adhered to the garment and sublimated at the same time using a heat press.

Best results are acheived when EasySubli™ Heat Transfer Vinyl and EasySubli ink are paired together alongside the Sawgrass SG400 and SG800 printers. These components work together to produce the best quality and most vibrant colors possible. Traditional sublimation techniques can be acquired with EasySubli Inks so there’s no need to switch out inks between projects. The EasySubli™ transfer vinyl and ink set are perfect for customized garments such as sportswear, graduation clothing and concert T-shirts, though the application list is limitless.

Click here for detailed instructions for working with Siser EasySubli™

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